Believe In Our Work, Support The Abortion Fund of Arizona

Believe In Our Work, Support The Abortion Fund of Arizona image

We Compassionately Prioritize the Needs of Our Callers

The Abortion Fund of Arizona is a local, volunteer-powered program of Pro-Choice Arizona Foundation rooted in a reproductive justice framework, with the mission of breaking down financial barriers and increasing abortion access. Our fund provides financial assistance for the procedure itself and also offers practical support to help individuals get to their appointment with as minimal stress as possible.

Practical support looks like:

-gas assistance

-physical ride assistance

-hotel stays for patients traveling into Maricopa county

-full coverage of the Rhogam vaccine for Rh Negative blood types

-meal support for traveling patients

-offsetting the cost of childcare

Now more than ever, we need your support to keep abortion services safe and accessible for all communities in Arizona. The fund is a local project of Pro-Choice Arizona Foundation. We are grateful for supporters like you, who understand the importance of ensuring safe and legal abortion care!

*As with all non-profits and organizations, overhead expenses are a reality and a small portion of your donation may be used to help support our infrastructure to keep our work moving along.