Increasing Abortion Access and Education In Arizona

Legal abortion is at risk in Arizona. Abortion justice is an intersectional issue. Without access, our legal right is nonexistent.

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Legal abortion is at risk in Arizona. Abortion justice is an intersectional issue. Without access, our legal right is nonexistent.

We Are Unapologetically Pro-Abortion, Fighting For Reproductive Justice

Pro-Choice Arizona centers abolition and reproductive justice values while utilizing the reproductive justice framework to prioritize community needs to advance reproductive equity, pregnancy and family justice, and abortion access for all folks living in Arizona through direct service programs, education, advocacy, mutual aid, and research.

In our work, we are committed to centering and lifting up the voices of those most impacted and from marginalized communities, including Black, Brown, Indigenous, and people of color. We root our mission in abolition values and the reproductive justice framework with the understanding that bodily autonomy is the intersecting core for the liberation of all people.

Our organization is truly one of a kind. We are an independent, grassroots non-profit focused on developing solutions for accessible reproductive health and abortion care. We are led by people of color who have been directly impacted by the issues and injustices we are fighting against. We believe those most impacted should be the voice for the solutions.

We are committed to educating communities in Arizona regarding their legal abortion rights and how to access care, including information on navigating the judicial bypass system for minors, political and legislative educational offerings for volunteers and community members, and we move money to our communities through our direct service program, the Abortion Fund of Arizona. Without access, our legal rights are nonexistent.

Pro-Choice Arizona operates two major programs: the Rural Access Project and the Abortion Fund of Arizona.

Our Rural Access Project aims to strengthen state-wide relationships while increasing abortion access and reproductive education to all Arizona counties, 87% of which live without a provider or clinic. Our work is centered and driven by community research, learning from the lived experiences of folks in these towns. This research will inform program needs and future legislative efforts for the state.

Abortion Fund of Arizona supports individuals through their abortion experience(s) by providing financial support for procedure expenses and practical support, which can look like hotel stays, meal support, gas assistance, coverage of childcare expenses, and any necessary vaccines needed for the procedure. In 2022 we pledged over $120,000

We dedicate ourselves to advocating for unrestricted abortion care while increasing access in Arizona, regardless of the legal landscape. We will continue working diligently to find the solutions needed to ensure our state can be a place where folks can obtain safe and affordable abortion care.

*Pro-Choice Arizona is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. As with all non-profits and organizations, overhead expenses are a reality and a small portion of your donation may be used to help support our infrastructure to keep our work moving along.